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Building the first regulated smart contract insurance solution

Insuring the Future of Web3

Smart contracts are exposed to hacks and design flaws.

As simple as buying flight insurance

Buy protection seamlessly from your usual wallet and manage all your policies from our app.

Smart contracts get hacked everyday,

even the long established and most popular ones. No computer system is unhackable, there will always remain a tail risk that is unavoidable.


billion USD

amount lost to hacks in 2021 and 2022.


State of the art technology for a seamless and efficient protection

Comprehensive Coverage

Protect your Web3 transactions from unexpected risks and vulnerabilities, such as smart contract failure or malicious attacks. 

Automated Payouts

Our system automatically detects if you were impacted by an attack and triggers the payout to cover your losses. You don’t even have to file a claim.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team of experts is always on standby to provide you with exceptional customer service and assistance.

Real-Time Prevention

Threats are monitored in real time on-chain and off-chain to prevent losses before you get hacked. You will receive a notification if we think you are in danger. 

Are you a DeFi player?

You are a DeFI platform or a wallet provider and want to attract more users?
You can embed our solution within your app and let your users buy protection seamlessly.